Why bother OFFEND ? Sharing THE GOSPEL IS merely one beggar showing another beggar where to get food all people are offered a free gift of eternal life. Why wouldn't you tell someone about a free gift you received? Especially If they both might receive the same gift ? Quantity of recipients is NOT  limited
SHARE BOTH GOOD AND BAD NEWS John 3:16 "perishing = BAD whoever & eternal life= GOOD
AVOID " JARGON" that might be misunderstood, define meanings of words and concepts  always use scripture in context
BE WILLING   to say "I DON'T KNOW  but I'll find out."
BE HUMBLE testify to your own need for Christ today and when you first were forgiven
GOD  can use a willing instrument..
POINT TO JESUS CHRIST crucified resurrected 1 Co. 15: on the third day 1co. 15:3,4  AS THE ONLY WAY TRUTH LIFE  John 14:6 
  Acts 4:12   BY NO OTHER NAME TO GOD by trusting and clinging to and relying on his finished work John 19:30

God is too HOLY to leave us in our sin he will transform our lives to conform to the image of his son and declare us us as ,  RIGHTEOUS when we forsake and repent from our sin,, then we  do not enter into JUDGEMENT but are  SAVED BY GRACE Eph. 2:8,9,10 This results in a  180 degree change of will and action empowered by him given to us by his LOVE &  MERCY escaping   HELL &  WRATH-  TELL THE WHOLE STORY The only risk is to tell a story in which some will  find offensive or you might be considered a fool. Now count the cost. People have  lost their life on this planet for less. Mostly in America we face the raised eyebrow of a skeptic, not the raised fist of  persecution.
CLICK ON THIS LINKTHIS IS REAL PERSECUTION We don't see this in our country today,  That may change but for now in 2020 in USA it is NOT neerly as bad as this video shows for Christians in Pakistan who serve as sewage workers and all are treated as second class citizens.  YET there is no excuse for us in America not to testify to the faithfulness and goodness of  the LORD whom we serve Romans 1:16 1  Co. 1:23
We preach an offensive message.  It is NOT necessary that we be personally offensive in our manner during that proclamation.  We can seek to be KIND and LOVING in our manner.  We don’t have to act like we are happy that people are going to hell.  As much as is possible, we must  allow our message offend, not our manner​!   Jesus told us how some in the world react  Jn.15:18  and we should pick up our cross DAILY Luke 9:23,24 We should not expect someone who does not have a personal relationship with Christ to understand this. I CERTAINLY DIDN'T.  Jesus is  worth it and so is that other person no matter what the cost.  WARN them about the WRATH so that HE may rescue and WELCOME  them into his kingdom.
OUR FRIEND, FAMILY MEMBER,NEIGHBOR IS worth offending,bruised ego or worse.  That is the risk when  we bother to offend. If my freind the bus driver was scheduled to drive a bus with faulty brakes?Would I tell them? Do I care about the passengers to ALERT them? We aere all riding around with faulty corroded by sin.So WARN THOSE passengers-if you truly love them. THIS PAGE IS PRIMARILY FOR THOSE PEOPLE WHO CURRENTLY ARE BORN AGAIN, HAVE A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM-  ANYONE IS WELCOME TO READ, BUT IT IS FOR CHRISTIANS TO WAKE UP