The term is applied to Christians in general, not to the Twelve only. It emphasizes the importance of Jesus Christ’s followers learning from him as their teacher - Rabbi.  As Thomas would later declare literally  the LORD of ME and THE GOD of ME.
Telling someone about your relationship is plain to understand we are one beggar showing another beggar where to find food (like bread)As beggars there is no pride involved we are all beggars no more special than others We have been transformed into a new person , forgiven and have been saved from the punishment that was originally intended for the Devil, BUT rejecting Christ's forgiveness sends a person to that same doom that awaits the Devil and his crew.  While Oct 31 is a night of seemingly innocent fun, This is written to provide the  reader how to stay"ABIDE" as a Born from Above Child of God this ABIDING PRODUCES a" disciple" however you cannot be a disciple without a relationship with God  click here to learn about this relationship
Disciples learning from their master
Those referred to as disciples in the New Testament
The disciples as the apostles Mt 10:1-2 The apostles were uniquely appointed as founding pillars of the church ; they were also representatives. .The disciples as believers in general Mt 28:19; Ac 19:1-2 
It  implies physically following Jesus Christ and leaving everything Mt 4:19  Mk 1:16-20; Mt. 8:18-22  Lk. 9:57-60; Mt. 9:9  Mk. 2:14 
By signs Jn. 2:11  Mk. 5:37,40  Lk 8:51 
By understanding the OT Scriptures Jn. 1:45  
By understanding the parables Mk 4:11-12  Mt 13:10-11  Lk. 8:9-10   Mk. 4:34
By practical experience of mission These words follow the sending out of the seventy-two.   Mk. 6:6,7-11
In periods of being alone with Jesus Christ Mk. 6:31  Mt. 16:21 Jn. 6:3
Putting your both feet in the boat is a commitment to believing trusting and obeying our Master even when it is difficult
 Manser, Martin H. Dictionary of Bible Themes 2009