This  is a compelling question.  DOES GOD HEAL? Requires more qualification!
I was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor in 2003 so far  went through 3 brain surgeries and while parts of the known cancerous tissue has been removed and radiated this is an ongoing question in my life; here is an well thought out two part debate on this issue:

My own tentative conclusion at this time for me is God is healing me exactly as much as he needs to for my best suiting his purposes. Does that sound as a cop-out making "excuses" for God? There are individuals with challenges unable to communicate with the outside world, so In fact I have it good, but come Spring time I may start to get aggravated if I cannot make it out on my own. At this time I will share some of the sentiments shared below the debate on the links on  this page being comfortable with not knowing it all now. Scriptural basis listed below by Chazbro Rizzo in his Facebook commenton this page